Relationship among EVA, Profitability Ratios and Market value added of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange



Investors tend to know the degree of success of managers in applying their wealth. Due to high sensitivity of investors to the performance of companies wealth is one of the most important objectives of the companies and the performance appraisal systems are useful tools for appraisal evaluation of the manager's performance. In this paper, the competition between traditional performance appraisal criteria (return on equity, return on assets and earning per share) and value based performance appraisal criteria (Economic Value Added) was concerned in order to appraise the performance of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange during 1379-1385. The results indicate Return on Equity (ROE) and Economic Value Added (EVA) has a significant effect on market value added of stocks, but there is no significant relationship among Return on Assets (ROA) and Earning per Share (EPS) and market value added (MVA).