Investigating the Effects of Disclosure Quality on the Current and Future Performance of the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Prof. in Accounting, Shiraz University, Iran

2 Ph. D. Student in Accounting, Shiraz University, Iran

3 MSc. Student in Accounting, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran


Abstract: In this paper, the effects of disclosure quality on the current and future performance are investigated. In this regard, the effects of firm size and financial leverage are controlled. For measuring the disclosure quality, the scores that assigned to each firms by Securities and Exchange Organization is used. Also, for measuring performance, accounting measures (return on assets and return on equity ratio) and market measures (market value to book value and Tobin's Q ratio), are used. The findings of investigating 110 firms in the 1383 to 1388 show that there is a direct and significant relationship between disclosure quality with current and future  performance of the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange. Furthermore, in all hypotheses, the relationship between size and financial leverage as control variables with performance measures was significant.


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