Conditional and Unconditional Persistence of RNOA and Its Dupont Components



One of the most activities in Financial Analysis is decomposing Variables into Components. Return on Net Operating Assets (RNOA) that Calculated via Operating Incom after-tax (COI) divided by Net Operating Assets (NOA), is decomposed into Operating Profit Margin (OPM) and total Asset Turnover (ATO). In the following research, Conditional and Unconditional Persistence of RNOA ratio and its Components in the firms listed in Tehran Stock Exchang have been investigated. So 104 Companies for the period of 1384-1388 were used. Unconditional Persistence has been defined as the autocorrelation coefficient obtained from a variable`s time series and for investigating Conditional Persistence have been used from one regression equations. These Definitions have been used to examine the Market Reaction to the Dupont ratios, so estimated one regression equations using time - series regressions. Results show that the Conditional & Unconditional Persistence UOPM was greater than UATO. Also the market reaction to UOPM was greater than UATO.