Investigating the Effects of Ownership Structure on The Performance of the Companies Accepted in the Tehran Stock Exchange


This study is an attempt to investigate the effects of ownership
structure on the performance of the accepted companies in the Tehran
Stock Exchange. For testing the hypotheses, the statistical "panel data"
technique was employed. For testing each hypotheses, four models
based on different independent variables were introduced. The
statistical population included 66 companies in the period between
Based on the research results, all the hypotheses except the fourth one,
were confirmed. The findings reveal a significant negative
relationship between the "institutional ownership" and companies’
performance; and the relationship between the "corporate ownership"
and companies’ performance is significantly positive. "Management
ownership" would affect the performance significantly and negatively.
For "foreign ownership", there is no information that would indicate
the ownership of foreign investors in our samples companies. In
"private ownership", it is better for corporate investors to handle the
principal ownership. In general, there is a significant relationship
between companies’ ownership structure and their performance.