The Relationship between Accruals Quality and Cost of Capital in Iran


In this study, the effect of accruals quality on cost of capital for firms
accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange has been analyzed.(accruals, has
defined as difference between accounting earnings and cash flows).
The aim of this study is to determine, if accruals quality (AQ) has
meaningful effect on cost of capital (cost of debt and cost of equity).
Therefore 85 firms in the period of 1376-1384 have been studied. The
selected approach for test hypotheses is panel data analysis. AQ is
separated to discretionary and nondiscretionary, to test the results of
these two components on cost of capital. The results show that, the
cost of capital of firms isn't influenced by AQ and its components. On
the other words, we couldn't accept that there is a meaningful
difference between cost of capital of firms with poor AQ and those of
with high AQ.
Keywords: Accruals, Poor Accruals Quality, Cost of Capital, Panel Data