Factors Influencing the Aadoption of Extensible Financial Reporting Language in the National Iranian Petrochemical Company and Subsidiary Companies



Application of advanced technologies is important in today's business environment.One of advanced technologies in use and presentation of financial statements is "extensible Business Reporting Language" (XBRL). That the major benefits provides in all stages of business analysis and reporting. In this study, we tried to examined factors affecting the adoption of XBRL in Iran's National Petrochemical Company and subsidiary companies .The results of this evaluation can help to the decision makers and implementers of this innovation to manage different aspects of the issue with more knowledge and reduce the costs and negative effects .To Achieve this goal, after study of literature and background research,11 factors influencing the adoption of XBRL were identified .Then Financial experts were surveyed with a questionnaire. His Reviews were analyzed using structural equation models. Finally the effects of nine independent variables were approved on the dependent variable.