Corporate Disclosure Quality (consist of timeliness and reliability) and Earnings Management



This study examines how the quality of corporate disclosure which includes timeliness and reliability, impacts earnings management by Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) listed companies. We use a sample of 51 listed companies over a five-year period (2003-2008). The focal point of our study is whether improving disclosure quality decreases information asymmetry resulting in less earnings management. In this study, timeliness and reliability of the provided information are used as a proxy for disclosure quality. Discretionary accruals calculated using cross-sectional modified Jones model is used as a proxy for earnings management. We find a negative association between corporate disclosure and earnings management and also between timeliness of corporate disclosure and earnings management, suggesting that improving the timeliness of disclosure decreases the likelihood of earnings management by the companies. However, we do not find any significant association between reliability of disclosure and earnings management.