The Explanation of Degree of Economic Leverage (DEL) for Testing Beta Coefficient and Corporate Performance Evaluation (Sale's Change) Case Study (Iran Khodro Disel Corporation)


In this paper, we will intend to introduce Degree of Economic Leverage and it's usage as one of the new techniques in explanation Beta coefficient and identification the systematic risk and profit planning equipment in leverage theoretical conceptual as well. Meanwhile, we will consider and analyze it through experimental testing for increasing its justification explanatory potency. The Degree of Economic Leverage is defined as the percentage change in the firm's sales resulting from a unit percentage change attributable to an exogenous economic disturbance. After theoretical conceptual studies by using regression analysis and Pearson correlation testing, the research objective that is the inverse and meaningful relation between interest rate and firm's sales is not acceptable but confirmed by hypothesis testing that there is no relation between Degree of Economic Leverage and market return and expected return, but Degree of Economic Leverage explanted expected return better than Degree of Operational Leverage and Degree of Financial Leverage. Degree of Operational Leverage will expellant market return better than the two other leverages. Also there is a meaningful difference between measure of the Beta calculating by DEL and the BETA computing by CAPM, DCAPM.