Enabling factors of financial consulting, training and research service providers (f-CTR-sp) in Iran business environment


Competition in financial services market especially between financial Consulting, Training and Research service providers (f-CTR-sp) are going to be more intensive than before. These companies as facilitators of developing financial entities should be competent to be effective. Accordingly some questions there exist as follows: in order to enable f-CTR-sp, what roles do (1) the authorized organizations and institutions, (2) the universities, (3) the enterprises which need f-CTR services and (4) the f-CTR-sp itself?
In this study after identifying the models and factors of enabling f-CTR-sp, as a field survey experts were questioned on importance and situation of the factors in Iran financial business environment. Results show that based on experts’ opinion the factors are confirmed and most of them evaluated very important but not appropriate. Finally the enabling factors have been ranked and accordingly some applied recommendations provided.