The Value Relevance of Book Value, Earnings Operating and Investment Cash Flows For Equity Valuation,


This paper investigates the value relevance of accounting information for firms’ market values prediction. In the study the value relevance of Book Values, Earnings, Operating Cash Flows and Investment Cash Flows as proxies of accounting information are investigated for equity valuation of companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). We examine fifteen models and four independent variables, as well as the explanatory power of these variables. If accounting information can be used as relevant variables in prediction models of firms’ market values then, the hypothesis of value relevance of accounting information can be accepted.
For examining the relationship between research variables and firms’ market values, four hypotheses, using four regression models, are tested. For more analysis, other eleven multiple regression models are used. Through examining the 15 models, we can select the superior model for ability of prediction.
For hypotheses testing, a sample of 50 companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) is selected. The dada needed for the study is gathered manually via a variety of resources. The pooled data for years of 2001-2006 and fifty companies listed in TSE are used.