This Research is going to answer the question if the technical analyses help the people gain much return in Tehran Stock Exchange(TSE). Actually it wants to determine the benefits of using the technical analysis as tools to predict the price models & trends in TSE. Therefore, the Moving Average which is one of the most used technical tools in determining the price trends, price changes and movements, is used for this purpose. So this research is used to test the ability of Moving Average as tool to gain more profit than the other tools. This work is done in the period of 1371 till 1383 (Iranian Year).
The results show that the Moving Average can predict the price models & trends and helps the investors to have better transactions and more chance to make profit in TSE. Also the results shows that the return gained by using the technical strategies was more then the fundamentals like buy & hold, in TSE. This trading rule had about 60% gain, which was more than 36% gain obtained by buy & hold strategy (in the same time) In TSE.