The main of this research is examining the role of reference group in motivating individuals on investing in stock exchange and in the way of case study of regional stock exchange of Isfahan. The mentioned aim has been tested by three main questions and seven side-questions. This research is descriptive-measuring form the field branch and the way of gathering theoretical discussion is library manner. Its data has been obtained by sampling from greater society questionnaire. In this research, one-sample T test has been applied for testing research question as well the Friedman's test for scoring efficient factors.
The result got indicate statistical theory related to the first question of research on affecting reference groups in motivating individuals to investing in stock exchange of Isfahan has been insisted. The statistical theory on side-questions, in line of second question of research about effectiveness of reference groups from macro factors, such as sharing culture, economic and political factors is confirmed in level of meaning . One side questions and in the third one in the research, about effectiveness of reference groups from micro factors like advertising, brokers and geographical place of stock exchange is refused in level of meaning , and is confirmed by history of returning.