Audit time budgeting is one of the important activity of management in directing the audit institutes that depending on their accuracy have different effects on auditors and institutes.
The managers’ estimate the time for auditing depends on their experience. In this research, we studied the usefulness of financial statements (balance sheet and income statement items) in predicting of time needed for auditing.
We examined the data of 50 companies that selected randomly from the companies audited by audit organization in the period since 1376 to 1383. We use simple regression model and multi-variable regression models to study the correlations and usefulness of financial statement’s components in predicting of audit time. Statistic results show positive correlations between these items (independent variable) and audit time. Some variables such as current assets and current liabilities have highest correlation with audit time (dependent variable).
Results show that multi-variable regression models are better in predicting audit time. In the models, only, one or two variables entered and the other variables removed from the models. Entering the other variables reduce the prediction capability of the models.