The linear and nonlinear relationship of financial ratios and stock returns of Tehran stock exchange listed companies our study investigate the linear and non-linear relationships of financial ratios and stock returns of the listed companies on Tehran stock exchange during 1377 to 1387. The above said ratios contain three categories of debt, profitability, and market rations. The 12 months stock return calculated in two wags as follow: (1) The return of 12 months of the rascal period (RETT)t, and (2) The return of 12 months period beginning 1 st of Mordad until Tir 31 st of the next year (RETB)t+1.
The regression analysis technique is used for testing the relationship between variables and the degree of significance of our predicted models. The result of our investigation showed that these is a linear and nonlinear relationship between financial ratios and stock return. Due to the low magnitude of the relationship; the result of our investigation could mitigate its reliability. Nevertheless, since the zero distance from origin models (?=0) have more explanatory power than non-zero distance models (? 0), the former model calculated under RETB approach in our study, could have the best explanatory power.