With regard to recent bankruptcies in large international companies, and recent high risk of Tehran stock exchange, the need to instruments for the assessment of the companies from the view of financial power is necessary.
One of the instrument for the assessing of financial power is financial ratios.
The object of this research is obtaining new models on the basis of zmijewski and shirata models in the Tehran stock exchange condition.
For obtaining these models hypothesizes are devide in to two groups.
The first group are about the power of classifying corporations In to bankrupt and nonbankrupt. These hypothesises confirm the power of correct classifying corporations in to two bankrupt and nonbankrupt groups .
The second group are about the difference between importance of financial ratios as an independent variable.
These hypothesizes confirm the difference between importance of independent variables in predicting corporate failures.
Friedman test indicates, there isn’t any preference between Hypotheses and they have the same efficiency. Some proposed suggestions are offered at the end of this paper.